Secure Data and Files for WordPress Forms

High-speed database plugin for WordPress form data


Full GDPR compliance

Essential privacy measures guarding against data breach risks.

Choose your data location:

  • USA
  • UK
  • EU
  • Custom (Enterprise)

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Secure form data and files

Fortified security keeping your data confidential and impenetrable.

  • Data stored on secure Google servers
  • All data sent over SSL
  • Server-side encryption
  • Stay with your existing WordPress host
  • Matches with native WordPress user roles

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Like a CDN, but for data

Lightning speed for instant data searching, filtering and processing.

  • Connects with fast, reliable Google servers
  • Superior efficiency than ACFs
  • Live data in Gutenberg blocks
  • Open REST / Socket API for developers
  • Updates data on-the-spot with no waiting around

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FortressDB Features

FortressDB is a secure and private database for forms

Storing form data in WordPress makes it vulnerable, but we have a solution. Fortress DB is your safe and secure database for sensitive information and files.

Instead of defaulting to the WordPress database or saving files insecurely in the wp-uploads public folder, our plugin stores data and files on our secure servers and gives you full control of who has access to it.

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Bots find files in wp-uploads!

WordPress is designed to empower its users to publish and share information. It has good Search Engine Optimization, and that’s the whole point of a CMS.

You want people to find your website, but you don’t want them to access everything. If your files contain sensitive information, storing them in WordPress is dangerous.

FortressDB stores files differently. With our plugin, you have a gatekeeper that only allows web visitors to view files if they are logged in with the correct user role.

Learn More: Secure Files

GDPR and privacy: Choose where your data is stored

GDPR is a law on data protection and privacy that affects every website that collects or processes personal data from web visitors in the EU, even if your site is not hosted in Europe.

FortressDB gives you flexibility by offering you 3 different locations for storing your data; Europe, the USA and the UK. When you create an account, you choose which location to use, helping your company comply with GDPR and similar laws.

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Blocks and FortressDB

We love Gutenberg, the block editor for WordPress. It’s the present and future of WordPress and makes creating content and tweaking layouts quick and easy. So far, we have created 3 blocks connecting with Fortress DB:

  • Data Table
  • Chart
  • Google Maps  

We’re looking for feedback! What other blocks would you like to see? If you have an idea, send us a tweet.

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Million Rows Demo

Million Rows Demo

We said it’s fast, see for yourself!

The table below is a block. It has 10 rows per page and 100,000 pages.

The block uses randomly generated data to demonstrate FortressDB handling 1 million rows of data. (That’s nothing! We can actually handle several million rows, but most WordPress websites don’t need this much data.)

Test it out! Use the search boxes to test out the speed. Enter a name in “First Name” and look at the page count as the table filters.

Try it now, below, it’s live!

FortressDB has a free version, why not try it?