An acknowledgement of launching in 2020

We started FortressDB in January of this year. Since then, life as we know it has changed considerably.

Under normal circumstances, we’d be using our first blog to shout about the great benefits of our product, but this time there’s something more important to say.

Instead, we have chosen to use this first blog post to acknowledge what has changed, the challenges we are facing all over the world, and that continue to impact our lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the whole planet. We are all sick of the word unprecedented, but that’s exactly what this is.

People have died. People are mourning. People have lost their jobs. People are scared. So much has been put on hold and nobody knows what’s next.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the world’s key workers who have given everything they have to help others. They are putting their lives at risk, and in very sad cases, making the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you to everyone on the front line, and not just those in the medical professions, but also teachers, retailers, public transport staff, cleaners, and every other key worker we rely on. Every one of you is making a difference.

But this isn’t just about COVID-19. During the global health crisis, light has been shed on another pandemic, one which has been taking innocent lives for much longer: racism.

The tragic death of George Floyd is a story that’s, sadly, not unique. His death has triggered peaceful protests, not just across America, but many countries across the world, including the UK and our home of Bristol.

In some cases, the response to these protests has been further violence and further deaths. There is no excuse for this.

We acknowledge racism as a systemic problem and publicly commit to doing everything in our power to help support change. Black lives matter and it’s outrageous that we even need to fight for that.

Our hope is that, as ugly and tragic as this period is, it will lead to real change. We 100% support the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

If there is anything we can do to help related charities and non-profits, please reach out to us. If our product is of use to you, we’ll happily give you a free licence.

Right now, many people are angry, and many people are scared. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t choose 2020 as our year to launch, but life isn’t that simple.

As a start-up, we need to rely on momentum, and pausing for 6 or 12 months isn’t an option.

So, we are launching. Despite all the challenges of this year so far, we hope our plugin will help some of you to manage your data.

Stay safe,

The FortressDB Team