Getting started with Forminator and FortressDB

We’re delighted to have partnered with Forminator from WPMU DEV. It’s a great form plugin and has wonderful features like e-signatures fields.

Not just Pro users

The latest version of Forminator (1.13.3) has now been released on This means that even free users can take advantage of using Forminator and FortressDB together. FortressDB also has a free version.

Getting started video

To help people get started, we’ve created the following video. It shows how to connect FortressDB to Forminator.


We love feedback, the good, the bad or the ugly. We’re a new product, and need your help to make it awesome.  Please email us if you have anything to say.

WPMU DEV members get a discount

That’s correct, as part of our partnership with WPMU DEV, we’re giving a discount to their members. If that’s you, go to their partners page.  You need to be logged in to see the discount code. 

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