Risk-free file uploads: weForms and FortressDB

We’ve partnered with weForms to make file uploads through forms secure.

What we love about weForms is that they are highly customisable. This allows you to adapt your forms to ensure they fit your web visitors’ needs, improving the experience with an intuitive, user-friendly process. Plus, you can see a live preview, which helps you picture how a web visitor might interact with your form while you tinker with it in draft mode.

One of the stand-out weForms features is their file uploader. Just as you can personalise each form, you can use weForm’s advanced file-upload features to change the settings of your file upload field to suit your purpose.

If you are expecting basic documents to be uploaded through your form, rather than heavier formats like media files, you might want to keep things light by setting a file upload limit. You can also set the type of files that you will accept and the maximum number of files that a user can upload, giving you maximum control.

This can be useful if your form is collecting files for a very specific purpose like CVs for a job vacancy, particularly if you want to ensure that candidates upload the right types of files in the right places (or perhaps you want to test their attention to detail, but that’s your call).

Is the personal information you collect through forms at risk?

As forms built with weForms are so easy to customise, you could create all sorts of forms: anything from simple contact forms to loan applications or patient intake forms that collect highly personal information. However, when personal information is involved, special care needs to be taken to ensure that form data is kept private and secure, which is where FortressDB comes in.

Even though you don’t intend for private information to be leaked from your form, the truth is that anyone could stumble across the data if it is stored insecurely in the default WordPress database, because of its privacy and security issues. Files uploaded through forms into wp-uploads are at risk of coming up in Google searches, and if you asked for file uploads with financial or medical information in your form, that would be very bad news.

Plus, it can be slow to search and filter data in the WordPress database. Due to the way it’s built, it gets bloated, which could be especially tricky if your form is collecting media files like MP3s or videos.

FortressDB solves those security, privacy and speed issues. Our WordPress plugin provides a secure database for WordPress forms with privacy measures guarding against data breach risks, security features that keep your data safe and a high-speed database for instant searching, filtering and data processing.

To benefit from all of that, you can access these features by using the FortressDB plugin for WordPress as a weForms integration.

Use the weForms discount

Our partnership with weForms brings benefits for weForms users, and not just in terms of securing WordPress form data and speeding up form databases. We’re also giving weForms users a special discount so they can set up their forms securely at a reduced rate, and there’s a free version for you to try first.

weForms links

Website: https://weformspro.com/

WordPress.org: https://wordpress.org/plugins/weforms/

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