Getting started with Forminator and FortressDB

We’re delighted to have partnered with Forminator from WPMU DEV. It’s a great form plugin and has wonderful features like e-signatures fields.

Not just Pro users

The latest version of Forminator (1.13.3) has now been released on This means that even free users can take advantage of using Forminator and FortressDB together. FortressDB also has a free version.

Getting started video

To help people get started, we’ve created the following video. It shows how to connect FortressDB to Forminator.


We love feedback, the good, the bad or the ugly. We’re a new product, and need your help to make it awesome.  Please email us if you have anything to say.

WPMU DEV members get a discount

That’s correct, as part of our partnership with WPMU DEV, we’re giving a discount to their members. If that’s you, go to their partners page.  You need to be logged in to see the discount code. 

Signed on the dotted line: FortressDB & Forminator

FortressDB & Forminator bring secure e-signatures to WordPress forms

“It’s alive!” Our integration with Forminator, that is. Even more fitting: “It’s secure!”

FortressDB has joined forces with ‘the most magical and completely expandable drag-and-drop forms plugin for WordPress,’ Forminator, giving you everything you need to collect information through your WordPress forms with risk-free privacy and security measures in place.

If you want to engage your web visitors through interactive polls and quizzes, Forminator is for you. Equally, you can rely on Forminator for your basics like contact forms and surveys. It’s a great tool for everyone, and our integration gives you the opportunity to store your form data securely.

Using FortressDB, your form data and files will be kept in a database with high-level encryption, instead of the WordPress database where it is at higher risk of privacy and security breaches.

Why is this important, you ask? Well, you might be receiving personal, private, or sensitive information through your forms. However, data stored within the default WordPress database is vulnerable and files are saved insecurely in the wp-uploads public folder, meaning bots can find files and bring them up in a Google search.

FortressDB stores data and files differently. It’s completely secure, so you can be comfortable that the privacy of your form data is protected.

Signed on the dotted line

The importance of securely storing form data really comes into play with Forminator’s latest feature: e-signatures.

One of the most exciting things about our collaboration with Forminator is that FortressDB will support you to collect e-signatures from your WordPress forms securely.

The consequences of letting your web visitors’ signatures out into the wild are… well, yikes. Let’s not go there. Better to keep them locked away in a database using the FortressDB plugin.

You’ll control exactly who has access and can relax knowing that nobody unexpected will be able to get their hands on your customers’ signatures.

The following video show how to add an e-signature field to a form, and how that is stored securely in FortressDB.

How to start creating secure forms

The integration is currently available to Forminator Pro users (yes, you can try it out right now… go, go, go). You’ll have to wait a little bit longer if you aren’t a Pro, but it will soon be made available on for free.

You can start using FortressDB with the Forminator plugin from your WordPress dashboard. There’s no need to visit any other sites, you can install and activate the plugin and connect to a secure database all from WordPress within a couple of minutes.

Once connected, you can start using the FortressDB integration with your Forminator forms and the data will be stored in a secure database. You can view and interact with this data within WordPress, but it is no longer stored insecurely using the WordPress database.

Some things are meant to be kept private. Use FortressDB with Forminator to store your form data securely.

WPMU DEV members get a discount

That’s correct, as part of our partnership with WPMU DEV, we’re giving a discount to their members. If that’s you, go to their partners page.  You need to be logged in to see the discount code. 

Learn more about Forminator and FortressDB

We have more information on our Forminator page.