Chart Block

Visualize your data with charts

Chart block

Humans can interpret data more readily in visual form, and charts are a great way to share visualised data. The quickest way to achieve this is to use our chart block to display your existing data on your WordPress site.

There are 4 different chart types, depending on the type of data you have and how you want to present it.

  • Area chart
  • Column chart
  • Line chart
  • Pie chart

Example charts

This is the data used to generate this chart.

These are the settings used to generate the chart.

Adding a chart block

To add a chart block to a WordPress website, search for “FortressDB” from the Gutenberg editor and select the chart block.

To set up your chart:

  1. Select the data table that contains the data you want to show
  2. Select the chart type
  3. Select X and Y values from fields in your data table
  4. Optionally, add labels for the chart, X and Y axis

Read More: Help Docs for adding a Chart Block