Google Maps Block

Show live data on Google Maps

Show live data on Google Maps

FortressDB has a Google Maps block that lets you plot pins on a map based on locations in a FortressDB table.

Using this Gutenberg block, you can create a customized experience for web visitors by writing location names and descriptions for each pin that are specific to your project.

Example Google Map block with data

This is a live example. Scroll around the world and click on the pins you find to read the names and descriptions.

This is the data used to generate the map. For this example, we used latitude and longitude coordinates, but the map block can also use postcodes and zip codes.

Steps to use the Google Maps block

The block is easy to use. Start from the Gutenberg editor in WordPress, search for “FortressDB” and select the Google Maps block.

Next, choose which data table you want to plot coordinates for. You can also customize the pin by using field names from the same data table.

  1. Select which data table you want to use
  2. Select which field contains the location for pins
  3. Optionally, add text to the “Info Window” – this is the text which is shown when users click on a pin

For this example, the settings look like this:

Settings for FortressDB Google map block

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