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Free or paid subscriptions?

We offer a free version of our plugin, as well as 3 paid subscription options.

Free version

For testing out FortressDB or managing data for a short period of time.

Bronze package

Best suited for businesses or organisations maintaining a single website.

Silver and gold packages

Ideal for freelancers, agencies or larger companies who have several websites they wish to protect, these packages include more websites and greater capacity at a bulk discount.

Read through the table below for full details of each the packages you can choose from.


All of our packages work on a subscription basis. Your data is stored on our servers and your payments cover ongoing database hosting and support.

Annual discounts

Get two months free! We offer a discount on annual packages. You’ll get 12 months of FortressDB for the price of 10 months if you make a single payment for the whole year.

Server locations

FortressDB has 3 different server locations. This enables our customers to decide where they want to store their sensitive data, which can be impacted by GDPR and similar data privacy laws. Choose between:

  • US to locate your database within the United States of America
  • UK to locate your database within the United Kingdom
  • EU to locate your database within the Europe Union (Germany)

Pricing packages

Pricing varies slightly depending on the location you choose.

If you will be locating your database in the US, the prices are given in dollars ($). For a location in Europe, the prices are given in euros (€). The prices for a location in the UK are given in pounds sterling (£).

Use the drop-down box below to change the currency to match the location of your choice.

Enterprise pricing

Enterprise solutions are bespoke, tailored to your unique business needs and priced according to your requirements.

Our enterprise packages include a private server cluster(s) in the location(s) of your choice. To know more about our enterprise options, please complete the form below.