Welcome to FortressDB

What is FortressDB?

FortressDB is a safe and secure database to store sensitive information and files. Instead of storing data in the WordPress database and openly within the wp-uploads public folder, our plugin lets you store data and files on our secure servers allowing you to control who has access.

2 Million Row Data Table Block

FortressDB is designed to handle large data sets. The data is stored on our servers, rather than in the WordPress database. This provides far greater scale and security. As our 2 million row data table below shows. There are 10 rows per page, and 200,000 pages. Try entering “20” into the age search box, the number of pages will reduce to 1,997 pages, roughly 1% of the data set (it’s random data).

Where are your servers located?

We have 3 different locations; Europe, USA and the UK. When you create an account you choose which location to use. This is beneficial for companies subject to GDPR and similar laws.

How do I create a data table?

We have a very simple and easy to use UI. You simply add fields, in much the same way you would using a form plugin. We do all the technical bit, creating the data table on our servers and connecting to your WordPress website. Everything is done in the FortressDB plugin within WordPress. You don’t have to login to FortressDB.com. For step-by-step instructions, see our help docs: https://help.fortressdb.com/knowledge-base/data-tables/.

Is FortressDB Gutenberg friendly?

Yes! We love Gutenberg, and understand it is the present and future of WordPress. We have 2 types of blocks; data table and chart.  We’re looking for feedback for other blocks that you want us to create. If you have an idea, give us a tweet.  

This table has 10 rows per page, and 100,000 pages. It’s just randomly generated data to show that FortressDB can easily handle 1 million rows. We can actually handle several million rows, but most WordPress websites won’t need this much data. Try using the search boxes, e.g. enter your name in “First Name”, and look at the page count.

Who has access to the data?

We use the built-in WordPress user roles. For each table, you can specify which user roles have access to the data. This follows standard CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update and Delete). You have complete control over who can access the data.  FortressDB recognises any non-standard WordPress users roles. For example, if you are using Woo Commerce, our plugin will also show the Customer and Shop Manager user roles. Additionally, there is a “Not Logged In” role, so data you want to show publicly can be read.

Is FortressDB fast?

Yes, it’s very fast.  We have a million row demo, feel free to try it.  We use a modern database design, which is built for speed and efficiency. Essentially, FortressDB is the same as a CDN, but for data and files rather than images. 

Why do I need secure files?

WordPress is designed to share information. It naturally has good Search Engine Optimisation, and there are plugins to enhance this. That’s the whole point of a CMS, you want people to find your information.  Consequently, files stored in wp-uploads can be found by Google and other search engines. For SEO this is a good thing, but if you also have sensitive files, this is a problem. Google’s bots can parse PDF and similar file formats presenting sensitive content to the public – this continues to be a frequent problem that many WordPress website owners are not aware of!  FortressDB stores files differently, users can only view them if they are logged in with the appropriate user role.

Is there a free version?

Yes, of course!  We encourage people to try out FortressDB.  There is a free version, and three paid subscriptions (bronze, silver and gold).  The free version might be sufficient for your needs. If so, great, we’re happy to support the open source community. 

There is more information on our Pricing page.